About Watch In Process

This website is obviously about watches. Not just any watch. These watches are customised, bespoke style watches. They are watches in the process of being built the way you want them.

We imagine and thus we create. A famous scientist said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Our imagination has enabled technology to evolve at a very rapid rate. Imagination at its core, creates art. The timeless movement of a wristwatch remains to date an intriguing and fascinating work of art.

This work of art has been fine –tuned over the years with refined craftsmen who had and have a passionate and relentless dedication. No need to fumble for your phone to check time. Our watch brand has got you covered with that.

Why Us?

You know, even if you buy a Movado, a Rolex, a Seiko, or any of the famous, expensive brand of watch, each model is the same as each other. Yes, you can get some engraving done on the back of the watch, but who looks at the back of a watch except when you take it off?

Here at Watch in Process, we cater for a small corner of the market – watches that are made to the individual order of the buyer. Watch in Process allows you to take one of our standard watches and customize to individual tastes. Customized watches are as unique as your individuality. Whatever you want to add or change on the watch to suit your tastes can be done. How about your name on the face? How about presenting a watch to your partner with his or her name showing on the front and a simple message?

Unlike the big-name watches, available only to the wealthy, or get a copy for a fraction of the price, the Watch in Process is competitively priced and makes a perfect, very personalised gift.

That Feeling of being Different

If you go shopping in some of the up-market stores you can look at displays of famous-name watches. Confusing? They try to be different from each other but somehow manage to look pretty much the same. The watch market today could not exist without mass production.

You can compare clothes fashion and watch manufacture if you like. Many people buy their clothing at large stores such as H&M, Zara, American Apparel and David Jones, for example. You can select from any number of mass produced pieces of clothing, but they will never satisfy individuality. There has always been a strong and steady demand for tailored design clothing, made from the best materials and properly fitted. Of course, they cost more, but they look and feel a lot better and will certainly last longer than the alternative.

There is another way to buy a watch, and that is the watch is not actually created until you go online and order it. This can be ‘bespoke’ in a number of ways, and there is an ever-increasing market for these types of customized watches.

Think about this: choosing your dial color, selecting the strap that you like best from gold, silver or leather and having it made to fit your own wrist size. The really personal touch comes from having your initials on the dial, or having your name engraved on the face.

Today, it’s an ultimate sign of individuality. Watch in Process is your way to being that little bit more unique.


A watch is an important tool in this century. It is not just a tool to tell time but tells other people what your tastes and preferences are. Everyone has his own taste of watches. Everyone is unique. What I may love about a watch may be the thing that another one dislikes about it. It is not personal. I love and appreciate everyone’s taste.

We gives you an opportunity to customize your watch just how you like it and give you what you have always wanted in your dream watch. All we need to know are your tastes and preferences of the watch such as the color of the case, dials and most importantly, the words you want to be inscribed on the dial.

A watch is something to be proud of. Keeping time is very important in our daily lives today. We want to do the most important activities with the people we love. We will help you achieve what you want.